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Biodynamic training milestones in southern Africa

As we achieve our milestones of organic and biodynamic training in southern Africa, it is necessary and encouraging to reflect on
our journey.

It is both necessary and encouraging to reflect on our journey. Over 80% of our students that completed the two-year training continue to work in agriculture.

Our training has yielded

  • provision for our learners and partner farms with a different orientation to meet the future human, climatic and sustainable challenges. Our curriculum and approach delivers practical and theoretical knowledge transfer and insights.

  • Contribution to the development of potential farm managers thereby progressing from laborer’s position.

  • Progressive projects that we know are worth supporting but also show that our course however small in numbers is upscaling and hence noteworthy as a model for agroecological practice.

  • Whilst our harvest has been small in numbers, it has been bountiful in quality: we have proudly graduated over 20 students and have had a further large group who have completed their one-year foundation phase whilst numerous new conversations and opportunities have sprouted from specialized workshops. 

  • Innovative co-working and co-operative partnering between students and farmers through enterprise creation and practice has resulted in benefits for both students and farmers. These solutions need to be noted as models of practice for the future youth who want to farm. These novel solutions offer new ways to meet a growing need. The solutions include advancing existing agroecological practices and holding management positions, deepening and sharing existing practices (e.g. bee keeping), joining the training team and BDAASA board and becoming extension officers as far afield as Zambia.

  • Furthermore, students are assisting the farmers in some cases to converting their farm to organic/biodynamics and the student engages and focuses with more intention with the skills that need to be learned.

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