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Hello and welcome back to our biodynamic blog!

Since we last spoke, the biodynamic training team has come across someone very interesting…

This person completely blew us away! She is not only an accomplished woman and model turned activist, but she is also a proponent of all things regenerative. The amazing effort that Arizona Muse, the founder of DIRT, has undertaken was such a pleasant treat.

She has risen to the challenge of bridging the agricultural gap between the old and the future.

She has positioned herself smack dab in the middle of the industry. Shifting the conversation by expressing her mind and working toward her aims of seeing the agriculture, fashion, and retail industries shift to a more environmentally friendly rhythm. Her background includes working with brands to help them incorporate sustainability into their overall strategy. She serves on numerous advisory boards, including The Sustainable Angle, collaborates with Extinction Rebellion and Fashion Revolution, and is Greenpeace's Oceans Ambassador and Aveda's first global sustainability ambassador, to name a few.

Arizona stated in her COP26 statement earlier this November that agriculture is the true solution to climate change. Small measures and deliberate choices that we as a community can make can help to lessen climate action.

Observing and learning from Arizona is energizing. Arizona's determination inspires us with all of her medals and victories within the biodynamic community.

Her work has impressed our Biodynamic Agricultural Association of South Africa students. We're excited to watch the advancements she brings to the biodynamic community.

We stand by her side, hoping that the ripple effects will occur more quickly and with greater force, allowing our planet to recover and prosper sooner than we anticipated.

Keep going Arizona, we will be watching in awe and following your footsteps.

To find out more about her and DIRT, find the links below:


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